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You know, with the blowout losses to Portland and Minnesota, it just makes the Spurs’ victory over OKC seem worthless, at least to me. Tonight against Dallas, the Silver and Black need to focus and remember what got them the 49 victories they’ve got registered so far – ball movement, defense and 48 minutes of effort. Dallas may be out of the playoff hunt but they sure can bring their game to the Spurs door if we don’t watch out. Nowitzki looks to have gotten everything together and Carter has shown over the last couple games that he’s still got game and is providing shooting support. If the real Spurs show up tonight, this could be a blowout. However, since it’s Dallas, all bets are off. I lost my fingernails during the Thunder game and got really upset over the Spurs performance against Minnesota almost having to get a new flat screen TV. I think the real Spurs show up and will bring home a win and will add to their consecutive 50 win season streak. But I'm not as confident about the final score as Dulce seems to be though.

Spurs 105
Mavs 97
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