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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Agreed on KL as he showed in OKC game he is starting to look to take on the D for a pull up or drive which means more options when TP has a small forward guarding him, and it seems it is state sanctioned as I doubt he would go off his own bat to get his as Pop would bench him quick.
I hope we see a lot more of it in the next month. I dont think teams will have an answer if they have to deal with the big 3 and a confident K.L. Also would like to see offense go through Splitter in the meantime too. I know he had a rough night last night but good things happen when he has the ball (for the most part). If Splitter and KL step it up I dont see anyone beating SA in West playoffs but if they dont they are toast. While im at it is it ok to bash Gary Neal? He should be kidnapped along with Bonner and Blair during playoffs. Would rather see Baynes than Blair at this point.
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