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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
My panties vary in colour ibanezser but your emotion doesn't, you tried to make a deal out of me asking a question so you are obviously wanting to have a go and that is fine if that is what you need but I am just after information rather than affirmation.

If you read what I said I pointed out that Manu is not required to fill TP's shoes and could not so I have more of a halfie as I do still love watching him play.

But most importantly there has been multiple threads where people are discussing the value of Manu and I felt that this thread where I was hoping to open and see TP come back next week was going to the same wasteland.

And with my TVP ballot I was making the point that I have heard many commentators talking about the fact he should be in contention for MVP even if he falls behind LBJ, Durant and CP3..... but even if I wanted to talk about that in this forum I will spit the dummy if anyone suggests I can't, are you? Because I am not afraid to call in to question your softness if you are
I have no idea what you said in your last paragraph.... something about spitting on fiery dummies or something. Moving on... my original statement was that i would rather see K.L. get more chances with TP out and someone chimmed in about K.L. shouldn't have the ball more than Gino. Developing K.L. in the last part of the season stretch is much more important than Gino "stepping in" for TP. I still enjoy watching Gino as well but I know what he will bring to the table in the playoffs. I just think K.L. will need to step it up or Spurs won't have a chance (especially when a team puts a tall defender on Parker). Its not a bash on Gino as I appreciate what he brings (minus all the turnovers). Also.... i am glad you have a colourful assortment!
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