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My panties vary in colour ibanezser but your emotion doesn't, you tried to make a deal out of me asking a question so you are obviously wanting to have a go and that is fine if that is what you need but I am just after information rather than affirmation.

If you read what I said I pointed out that Manu is not required to fill TP's shoes and could not so I have more of a halfie as I do still love watching him play.

But most importantly there has been multiple threads where people are discussing the value of Manu and I felt that this thread where I was hoping to open and see TP come back next week was going to the same wasteland.

And with my TVP ballot I was making the point that I have heard many commentators talking about the fact he should be in contention for MVP even if he falls behind LBJ, Durant and CP3..... but even if I wanted to talk about that in this forum I will spit the dummy if anyone suggests I can't, are you? Because I am not afraid to call in to question your softness if you are
........ And World Peace
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