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in 2005, these were the final scores for the "defensive minded" Spurs during the end of the season:

125-124 W over LAC
136-134 W over GS

did that hinder any of the strategy. blowouts are bad, but they can also motivate a team. "the perfection of a season's worth of strategy and execution" doesn't hinge on one horrible game. many on this board are acting like one 30 point blowout vs. the Blazers (who have given us trouble in the past, this time without our MVP PG to match their ROY PG) means the Spurs are in for a disappointment in the playoffs, prematurely jumping off the championship bandwagon or trying a reverse jinx of some sort. either way, buying into one bad game is premature.

Miami is on a roll, but that doesn't mean they won't run out of gas in the playoffs. with how Lebron's had to play, you can almost guarantee they will.
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