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Originally Posted by stuffedmushroomz View Post
Ok, the reason why Pop has Joseph starting and not Mills or DeColo has more to do with not wanting them to get messed up mentally. Even Neal has said that he got comfortable starting at some point and to go back to the bench is something he hasn't gotten used to again. D. Blair also got used to starting and doesn't understand why he wasn't playing during the playoffs or this season. He finally got on the floor only after his agent expressed his discontent with his lack of playing time.
Nando (3) and Patty (2) have both started games this season. Neal's always been a bench player and playing with a calf injury which is why he's played poorly.

let's get realistic about Blair. it's not about "getting used to", it's that the team was the #1 seed with him starting then he got butt hurt that Pop benched him during that span and now he's at the end of the bench. the move with Joseph is more about personnel and protection over getting used to anything. Nando and Mills have barely been getting enough playing time for them to get mentally messed up anyway.
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