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Pop's "white queen strategy"

Baseline-to-Baseline recaps: Celtics 11-0 run closes out Pacers

Kurt Helin

Tim Duncan had a double-double as the San Antonio Spurs beat the Chicago Bulls at home, 101-83. The Spurs won again without Tony Parker, employing Manu Ginobili in what Gregg Popovich called his "white queen strategy," an homage to Bobby Fischer's famed 1972 "Game 6” match against Boris Spassky in which Fischer dominated space by drawing consistent focus playing his white queen all over the board. When told of Popovich's game plan, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau stood up and applauded, his own homage to Spassky's sportsmanship in the wake of his defeat.
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With 26 points on 4 of 4 shots from distance in only 20 minutes of PT. Efficient eviceration.
Wolves' fan: ginobili vs. the wolves is like he's just kind of laughing to himself all game...kind of like he thinks it's cute that they're trying to play basketball.
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