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Originally Posted by silvernblackfan View Post
and i'm probably wrong, but why in the heck do you bring Joseph from d-league and start him? not that I didn't figure they would recall him. P. Mills and De Colo are your back ups why not give them the minutes? They're the ones backing him up in the playoffs right? Just my thoughts,i definitely will be frustrated if he gets the lions share and they just send him back, I think that would be a waste of a good opportunity to get your back ups some good playing time, just my two cents

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seriously though, it's protection i would say. Joseph off the bench with Manu would probably have him alone for a few minutes while Manu/TD rest and he'd have to try to create with others off the bench. there's not much chemistry there for that to happen. with the starting unit, Joseph has some protection with 4 guys who've played alongside each other the majority of the year and get to bail him out a bit on both ends of the floor. TD and Splitter setting picks makes it easier for him than an undersized Blair setting one or a Bonner pick and pop.

we also saw the return of Boris Diaw, but no Gary Neal (who was cleared to play). that may speak into that maybe Pop is seeing this team needs an actual point guard than a shooting (can't dribble) point out there. Nando isn't seeing the court either for some reason, only Joseph/Mills.

that could also be that Mills has played his way into the 2nd string point position and Joseph will likely get a lot more time next season. that's the only scenario that would make sense as Nando/Neal not getting minutes now then getting them in the playoffs wouldn't make sense.
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