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Originally Posted by ibanezsr View Post
just because i dont have time to post over 1000 posts like yourself doesn't mean im a rookie to notice what is going on with a team i have watched every game of every season since dvr and the nba package have been available. Trust me Gino has been my favorite player over time but im not going to be naive to the fact that he doesnt have it anymore on a consistent basis. Part of being clutch is being reliable (health plays a big role in that). Gino cannot be clutch on a consistent basis due to mileage and age. its not a dig its just a fact. Spurs need a clutch scorer in the playoffs. Do you think out of the 4 games SA lost to OKC in the playoffs last yr that Gino was a clutch scorer? He scored 8, 13, 34 and 10 in those games. He is spectacular in spurts at this point. Nothing more and nothing less. And that isnt going to cut it with Timmy's diminished offensive skills. Combine all that with a big guard on Tony and Spurs are in trouble. They need someone else to pick up slack and the only one i see that comes close to having the skills to be something special is K.L. so I don't think its a bad idea to give him the green light in March to see what hes gott is all. ALSO.... not a Neal fan at all if that makes you feel any better.
Oh did I hurt your feelings? I wasnt trying to tbh. I wouldnt necessarily correlate clutch with health. Clutch simply means producing when needed most. In the OKC series like you alluded to, he had one breakout game in the 4 losses, but his play was diminished along with many others. Fact is he's playing better now than at any point this season. I will refrain from writing him off simply because when healthy in produces in a plethora of ways outside of scoring. That OKC series was bad for most of the team as nobody could buy a shot when needed so that shouldnt fall solely on the shoulders of Manu. The most important player moving forward in Tony's absense is MANU and I am counting on him to regain the confidence and clutchness we're all accustomed to. I hear what everyone keeps saying about Kawhi, but in all honesty, I'd be hesitant in saying Pop will allow him to handle the rock come playoffs. Yes he needs to be involved in the offense other than the corner 3 and I know Pop will fully utilize him during this period without TP. Green and Splitter need to continue grinding and maximizing their potential as well. Kawhi will be prepared to handle a larger role in the playoffs since the team has clearly been grooming before the season even started in the 2 summer league games he played in. I doubt he'll be a focal point in the offense when the real season starts due to Tony playing 35+ minutes, but it is vital to have someone other than TP(ie. Manu or even Kawhi) handle the rock when TP is guarded by Sefolosha or any other big guard. The most important thing to me about Manu is his FT shooting. I am not fully on board he's back to his old ways, but I know the man will get there. You don't think people have written him off already? He knows that and since he feels great (he recently said), I fully expect big things out of him.
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