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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
Wade has been on fire lately, only know because he is on my fantasy team but look at his stats lately, he is leading the team in scoring quite a few times and nearly triple double a few games! I am not a huge fan but look it up before you say he is not as dominant lately. Our chance this year, depends on a few things, quite a few things! BUT............ It is possible.
Yeah I've seen his numbers and watch Heat games when they're playing and the spurs have off. Fact is Miami is not nearly as dominant as people make them out to be. As long as open 3 are not allowed to Battier and Co, the heat can be stopped. Wade is not nearly as dominant as he was 3+ years ago is what I was referencing. Its not a bad thing, because his PER is top 10, but that team is clearly LBJ. All i know is that Im looking forward to Heat and spurs March 31st
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