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Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
Too say Manu is not clutch anymore is a sin rookie! Maybe he hasnt been on the level we're accustomed to seeing him play, but he's getting there. He needs time and time he has so before you write him off, wait and see. If he's healthy and TP comes back in full stride, this team will win #5. Yes, the next month is crucial not only for KL, but also for Green and Splitter to boost their confidence even more so they all produce like they did prior to the OKC series. Those three have all improved this year, but need to do so even more in Tony's absense. Im surprised that there hasnt been enough talk about Neal forgetting how to put the ball in the hoop. His shooting has been flat out abysmal this season compared to the 2 previous seasons. Going forward I am most interested in seeing the competition between the pgs (Mills, De Colo and Joseph - Neal not included for obvious reasons) for the backup position. As long as the backup is not Neal, our PG rotation is vastly improved. I like all the three for different GAME situations
just because i dont have time to post over 1000 posts like yourself doesn't mean im a rookie to notice what is going on with a team i have watched every game of every season since dvr and the nba package have been available. Trust me Gino has been my favorite player over time but im not going to be naive to the fact that he doesnt have it anymore on a consistent basis. Part of being clutch is being reliable (health plays a big role in that). Gino cannot be clutch on a consistent basis due to mileage and age. its not a dig its just a fact. Spurs need a clutch scorer in the playoffs. Do you think out of the 4 games SA lost to OKC in the playoffs last yr that Gino was a clutch scorer? He scored 8, 13, 34 and 10 in those games. He is spectacular in spurts at this point. Nothing more and nothing less. And that isnt going to cut it with Timmy's diminished offensive skills. Combine all that with a big guard on Tony and Spurs are in trouble. They need someone else to pick up slack and the only one i see that comes close to having the skills to be something special is K.L. so I don't think its a bad idea to give him the green light in March to see what hes gott is all. ALSO.... not a Neal fan at all if that makes you feel any better.
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