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People are over sensitive about the fact that we are a small market team that doesn't get the coverage that the best team in pro sports deserve....

While that might be true fact is the big cities have more people with more screens tuned in, and the flow over is people from small cities then get bright light fever and also follow the big city teams.

Now while they have very little good journalism involved ESPN are a good business, they are promoters, and as such they hype to the larger markets to make better money... which is what any business does.

10 years ago that was a problem as we could not see our Spurs play, especially this side of the world, but now there is league pass at the cost of 4 tickets to one game. If we want to show ESPN they are wrong we should be putting money where our complaints are and subsribe to the Spurs package and show some reason for them to focus on that to draw us back.
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