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Originally Posted by steefposton View Post
ummmmm....what?? First off, TD is an excellent outlet passer. Don't let one or 2 instances cloud the larger picture. Second, while I love how Leonard's game is developing, apart from some obvious mismatches, KL should not have the ball more often than Duncan or Manu. That's not to say he shouldn't END UP with it, that's the beauty and strength of Timmy and Manu (and the Spurs in general) is their superior passing.

ummmmm timmy is far from an excellent outlet passer. nothing is clouding my vision. for the 1 or 2 times he actually connects on those long baseball outlet passes he throws away 5 to 6 of them. Its not worth the risk. I have even seen him throw semi-long ones to dejuan blair a few times at half court. asking dejuan to dribble from halfcourt on fastbreaks is never a good idea. He needs to just stick to the shorter safe passes. Also, Duncan and Ginobili have already proven that their offensive game is not even close to what it used to be. Too many fall away off balance shots. Timmy should not tet the ball on the block much anymore. Teams know this and dont need to double team. Gino is not clutch anymore and is not a dominant scorer. Couple that with putting a big guard on TP and the Spurs are toast in the playoffs. So yes, at this point while TP is out i think K.L. should get the ball more. He is going to be the key to going anywhere in the playoffs the next two yrs. He needs the next month to develop confidence if the Spurs are going to have a shot at winning it all. Not saying he is going to crush it but this is a good time to see what he has on a consistent night in night out basis.
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