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Originally Posted by ibanezsr View Post
Time to give K. L. the ball more like they should have done earlier. At times i would rather see the ball in K. L.'s rather than Duncan or Ginobili in terms of scoring. And can someone please tell Pop that Green and Neal should never have the ball on a fast break... and while you're at it tell Timmy to stop throwing long outlet passes. He sucks at it....
ummmmm....what?? First off, TD is an excellent outlet passer. Don't let one or 2 instances cloud the larger picture. Second, while I love how Leonard's game is developing, apart from some obvious mismatches, KL should not have the ball more often than Duncan or Manu. That's not to say he shouldn't END UP with it, that's the beauty and strength of Timmy and Manu (and the Spurs in general) is their superior passing.

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