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Originally Posted by Fundamental9903 View Post
But Pop has to actually play the bench in the playoffs. That's going to be the million dollar question. If De Colo plays 15-20 minutes during this stretch only for Pop to stick him back playing 2-3 in the playoffs, it's all for nothing.

Stick with what worked in the regular season.
Simplified problem with that: Durant averages around 38mpg in the regular season; in the playoffs, that number jumps to 41.

Lebron in the regular season: 38mpg; in the playoffs it's 42.

De Colo on the court for extended minutes means Parker is taking a rest...which is a bad idea when LeBron/Durant/Westbrook/etc. is out there running up the score for damn-near every second of the game. PO games come down to crunch time, and regular season plus-minus is fools' gold when it comes down to execution against top names in the "real season." De Colo is great for getting TP some rest during the stretch run--but in the PO, there's a reason why rotations shorten.
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