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Originally Posted by mckennaspur1 View Post
Speaking entirely about the playoffs, I'd love to believe that , but I can't see how Joseph brings anything to the table that TP doesn't.

I know the Spur FO has great faith in Joseph and is bringing him along slowly. Hopefully, he'll eventually become something near what TP is. But remember how long it took TP to become significant. He'd been in the league a few years and still needed Speedy Claxton to bail him out in the playoffs. Joseph would be an untested rookie in the playoffs. I couldn't expect him to do serious lifting.
It's more what Joseph could do that Neal can't.

Joseph doesn't need to be an offensive playmaker. If he can play hellacious d, hit some spot up threes, and let Manu do his thing as a playmaker, then well be a better team.
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