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X Factor

Hopefully Pop will use TP's downtime to not only maintain the team's level of play but also to explore new tactics that can carry over to the playoffs.

Based on what I'm seeing, Kawhi is probably the best shot the Spurs have at that kind X Factor. Against Detroit, he started posting up, the sort of thing small forwards don't do much anymore. It's a new weapon for SA that could add an unexpected dimension. Kawhi can drive to the hole. He hasn't been finishing particularly well, but he keeps drawing fouls. That's a serious asset.

I'd love to have Nando show some of the mini-Manu stuff he's brought to the team, but it looks as if he's still concentrating on learning the offense as a PG. His shot hasn't been great, and he's not driving the lane much. Unless something extraordinary happens, he's not gonna be important until next year the earliest.

It looks as if Patty has been relegated to the role of a Gary Neal copy. I think there's more to his game than that, but so far, he hasn't had much chance to show it off.
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