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Wow, it’s March already? And the Spurs and the rest of the NBA make a beeline to the finish. This is usually the time of the season that Pop has a set rotation firmly in mind as he prepares the team for the playoffs but with the recent injuries we’ve had (Neal, Diaw, Jackson, Parker), he’s still looking and experimenting. Fortunately, the scheduling Gods have blessed the Spurs with home games galore during March, providing ample time to relax with family and mend the wounds. With an injury free roster, I would have seriously thought we could go the entire month without a loss, but given the walking wounded we have to key reserve players, our bench strength will be put to the test these remaining 13 games of March. I’ll play devil’s advocate and say if we walk away with anything better than 8-5, it will be icing on the cake.
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