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Hmmm Grade 2 ankle sprain could spell trouble for Spurs.

I don't see a lot of Spurs wins without TP 4 MVP!!!!But it is all good! I guess it could have been worse. A sprained ankle sound so much better than a broken ankle...

Now Pop will have to pull all Spurs and get them to understand the sense of urgency they need to play with...No more TP bailing them out and carry them in the second half..

This TP injury can be looked as a HUGE Blessing in disguise here and a Momentum build up for the PO. Spurs can create a second consistent scorer or a way for that system to improve those holes when TP goes to the bench to take a breather or to rest. I expect someone to Rise Up from this....

This will be a very good way now to judge the other Spurs and see if they can prepare for a better PO than past years when teams shut down Spurs in the middle or three quarter of the PO...

I say Spurs will survive this TP out time on half of those 13 games! Realistically I see them winning 6 of 13 and we shall still be good!

Hope Spurs prove me wrong and win all those games and go Belletristic 13-0 And Pop would make a new rotation that can Rock Up!

Get well TP!
Go Spurs Go!
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