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I think they've been playing great. With the exception of the Golden State game (3rd road game in 4 nights) and the anomaly with Phoenix, they were playing lights out. Don't forget that they just handed a butt kicking to the third best team in the west. Tony is out now, but they will be fine, they have all these home games to ease the burden.

OKC is not the same team they were last year, it seems like their confidence isn't there when they play the top teams, though they're still the team to worry about. I was a little worried about the Clippers before we put a clinic on them. The burden of proof falls on you dude. You're trying to tell me the team with the best record in the league is struggling right now, and the numbers just don't add up. I've watched every game this season, and the only thing I might say negative was that Tony was starting to look a little tired, so maybe this little ankle sprain is a gift in disguise. Go Spurs Go.
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