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Manu was great last night and it was good to see. In part even if he had a little bit left a part of me hopes he decides to retire at the end of the season and can move on to other things. I hate watching his career end like this with him becoming so injury prone and struggling coming back to get into any kind of rhythm. I don't want him to wait until he has nothing left. It's been a wonderful 11 years and it's going to be sad when we can't watch him anymore though. I'm going to have to go back and watch some of his amazing highlights . I kind of agree that Manu hasn't gotten enough credit. One thing I've been wondering is why is it when the Spurs don't win a championship during these years it's always blamed on Manu? If he's only a Sixth man on this team, shouldn't Tim and Tony be able to carry this team without him? It's not like he's the MVP on this team but people expect him to carry the Spurs to a championship and when they don't the blame always lands on Manu. When they do win a championship it's always Tim or Tony's team. Oh and in 2005, yes Tim deserved to be Finals MVP but if Manu didn't elevate his game starting from the Denver series where Pop did that crazy little experiment after loosing to them to stick Manu on the bench in the first place I don't know if we would've gotten to the Finals in the first place.
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