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Tony is playing phenomenal. I think the difference is that Nash benefitted from the "wow" factor of transforming a franchise with a system built around him, and his competition during those years wasn't as obvious. Lebron/CP3/Howard were too young, Timmy/Shaq's numbers were slowing down, and KG/Kobe were on terrible teams. plug in this year's version of Tony or Chris Paul into Phx in '05, and you probably get the same results, like 25&11 averages, and an mvp.

but... i know #'s only tell part of the story, but it's worth pointing out. some past mvp numbers:

19pt / 4rb /11as
25pt /4rb /8as / 1stl
32pt /6rb /5as /1.4stl
27pt /8rb /7as /1.7stl
23pt /13rb /4as /2.9bl
24pt /14rb /5as /2.2bl /1.5stl

they were Nash, Derrick Rose, Kobe, Lebron (this year), Tim, KG.

i think one of the common themes with a lot of mvp's is when a guy is basically doing EVERYTHING for his team. this was the case with KG/Tim where they were leading their team in nearly all statistical categories -- and this is true of Lebron today. he leads in mins, pts, rbds, assists, and steals. he runs the offense and guards the best player to close out. he runs the offense as pg, then runs back and defends a center/pf. i'll always lean towards Lebron over Durant given how much more Lebron does for a team.

I see Tony more like Nash/Durant in running the offense and doing it extremely well, but i put Lebron in the Timmy/KG category of being asked to do everything for the team, playing multiple roles/positions, and wreaking havoc in every aspect of the game.

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