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I was at the coming home game against Phoenix Wednesday and I have to admit, watching Manu on the bench after Pop took him out, Manu was rougher on himself than anything his critics have to say. When you fly with the eagles, you’re bound to hit some turbulence and falter a little. Manu is no dummy, he knows he has fewer game days ahead of him than behind him. Like Pop has said, “Manu is Manu” and he knows his body and his limitations. He won’t make a fool out of himself and he damn well won’t do it in front of the Spurs fans. When it is time, Manu will bow out gracefully and with dignity. Soon, the #20 will forever grace the halls and rafters of the AT&T Center but that day ain’t here yet. Ginobili still has gas in the engine and thread on his wheels and his heart is pumping with desire and he can still contribute to this team’s destiny. The stop sign may be around the corner but Manu is Manu and don’t get him pissed, he just might show the world what he has left to give before season’s end. When you have a winner, you back him to the end and like I said, it ain’t here yet.
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