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Stuffedmushroomz, I really don't think this loss means anything about the Spurs championship hopes. The frustrating thing is that it might mean the spurs don't get any love for the rest of the season from ESPN.

People can say all they want that it doesn't matter that the spurs don't get any playtime on ESPN besides the casual mention of: oh, btw the spurs are number one in the NBA, now back to Lebron and his amazing pregame dunks. But its frustrating. Maybe I'm alone here but it feels like the spurs have to go on a 20 game winning streak just to crack into the top 100 stories on Sportscenter, but thats life as a fan of a team in a small market. And the reason losses like the one to Phoenix hurt, is because now we have to listen to Dwayne Wade making up new nicknames for himself, and how much Dwight Howard and Kobe dislike each other.

There was a story a couple weeks ago about a player in the NBA whose wife had a miscarriage at 6 1/2 months. Heart-wrenching, and what did his team do? Instead of trading him, which made all the business sense in the world, they told him to take as much time off as he needed. Not only that, but they purposefully kept this story from leaking until he talked about it publicly. Is there any question that this would be one of the biggest stories in sports if it happened in LA?
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