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Many times since the last championship Manu was the star of the team and the team didn't follow. Either Pop didn't follow, taking bad decisions, either the team didn't follow, not playing at the height of the heart he was putting in playoff time (I'm talking of years '08, '09, '10, '11). Then there were also a couple of injuries. But unfortunately many times he was being a freaking star, the conditions around him didn't highlight this. (And it's such a shame that he didn't get that '05 Playoffs MVP which he deserved, just because it's the "finals" MVP and no the "Playoffs" MVP. As he was the motor of that team). Today everyone talks about Tony's team. Maybe this time that Manu is not at his great level but the team is better, he will suddenly appears on the playoffs, let's hope.
Even with all the fan love and the Kobe's statements, Manu hasn't received the recognition he deserves for his career in the NBA.
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