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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
As I said before in another post, if Parker played more minutes and put up more stats then I think a much better case could be made for him. He'd score almost as much as LeBron does with more assists to make up for his lack of rebounding, but thanks to Pop's system of holding down minutes to keep his guys fresh Parker's output suffers.
Lebron James:

Tony Parker:

to some, you actually might be making the case for Parker over Lebron. James has players in Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh who can dominate games on given nights. who does Tony Parker have? Tim Duncan can't dominate a game by himself anymore neither can Ginobili. he has a better group of an overall team, but Lebron surely has a better starting unit in respect to skills.

think about that: Parker is playing less minutes with less skilled players than James and leading the team to the best record (so far).

MVP doesn't mean best player either. who's more valuable to their team right now? the Heat would be in way better position without Lebron b/c of their other stars than the Spurs would be without Parker for the same allotted time. Parker definitely is more valuable to his team than Lebron.
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