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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Lebron, Wade, and Melo were in their 2nd year. Also don't forget Kobe and even Duncan. I'm not sure what the formula for MVP is.

Seriously though, in those years, LeBron had great stats, but his team's record wasn't strong enough. He is a unique player the likes of whom have been seen rarely in the history of the league. To borrow a bit from baseball, he's a three tool player. Those other guys you named from 05, 06 were one or two tool players. Nash scored and passed. Duncan and Noe-whikey scored and rebounded. Kobe and wade were pure scorers. That is why I don't see it as such a travesty that Nash won it those years. The competition was fairly close.

This season Lebron scores (3rd in league), passes (10th in assits), and rebounds (25th) at an elite level. As far as teammate ability goes, I think it is a wash. Sure Miami has better stars with 2 all-stars to go along with James while the Spurs just have one, but the Spurs are deeper whereas there is no one else in Miami. As far as team performance goes, there is only one loss separating Miami and SA so again this is a wash.

As I said before in another post, if Parker played more minutes and put up more stats then I think a much better case could be made for him. He'd score almost as much as LeBron does with more assists to make up for his lack of rebounding, but thanks to Pop's system of holding down minutes to keep his guys fresh Parker's output suffers.

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