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Bushido – based on what you’ve said, you have been to San Antonio before and are a little familiar with what the city has to offer. A lot of places you may want to visit or dine will be based on a matter of personal taste and San Antonio will not let you down. We’re nuts with shopping centers, malls and knic-knac shops or Mexican/TexMex or BBQ food joints everywhere you turn. But if you’re particular in your shopping types or dining cuisine, I’ve listed some websites that might be able to help. Just remember to put buying another piece of luggage on your ‘to do’ list while you’re here to carry everything you’ve bought back home with you. Since you’ll be here in mid-March, our Spring is usually equivalent to everybody else’s summer, so pack your clothing accordingly. Remember, if you didn’t pack it, you can find what you’re looking for here. If you have a laptop, bring it so you can MapQuest your way around town. Also, if you have allergies, make sure you bring your medication because south central Texas is notorious for exposing a person’s allergies, even if you think you don’t have any. Lastly, bring your camera because with the warmer weather and occasional rain, when we do get it, all the plant life begins to bloom, including the seas of bluebonnets you’ll see growing wild in south Texas. They make a good backdrop for pictures of your spouse, kids or significant other who might come along with you. Just have a good trip and enjoy your stay – you never know where you might plant permanent roots, y’all.

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