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I think we are... Kawhi was a rookie last year with no training camp. I think he'll show his progression very well. Tiago also looks a lot more comfortable than last year. Last year we crammed 66 games in which I'm sure wore everyone out...and our team won 20+ games heading into the playoffs. OKC made some good adjustments, Ibaka hit 11/11 one game, seems like the refs gave them another couple of was just a snowball from there, lol!

And in spite of popular opinion...we didn't have a very good second rebounder or intimidator in 2007 when we won either... I'd say Tiago and Boris are more than capable of giving us what Oberto and Elson gave us in that run! He'll... Manu was our 2nd leading rebounder our last championship run, lol!
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