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In my heart I want to say ‘Yes’ but I keep hearing that little voice saying we’re in the same situation as we were when we lost to Memphis and again with OKC last year – we’re still missing a board man. I feel we can bust anybody in a 3 game series, but stretch it out to playing the same team in a possible 7 game series, I don’t think we’ve got it. Like Bill Simmons said in this 4 minute clip, ‘it comes down to circumstances’. We can rest our guys all we want but we’re still missing that one guy who can provide us additional rebounding strength and be an intimidator in the middle behind TD. What will kill us will be giving up offensive rebounds to our opponents and a long series against a team who can make immediate adjustments to their schema to combat the Spurs offensive/defensive strengths. One is rebounding and the other is stopping Tony Parker’s influence to our offense.
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