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I have no issues with Derek Fisher.

1. He has been on the sh#t list of many Spurs fans since that infamous shot. That's what he was supposed to do and what he was paid for. The fact that it was deemed a valid shot has nothing to do with him. He was just doing his job.

2. He has made more money before age 40 than most of us can ever expect to make in a lifetime which is more than any family should need over a lifetime and he realizes this and puts his family first because he does indeed, have major family health issues and he prioritizes family first. I wish more professional players would have the same appreciation.

3. He requested to leave teams. It was granted. This is all above board. Where and when and even if he steps back into basketball is his decision as I imagine it is not the most important thing in his life anymore. If teams take him, so be it. If they don't, So be it but so far, teams still want him in his limited priority and capacity. When teams stop wanting him in this fashion, I imagine he won't be heartbroken and just move on to the next chapter of his life.
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