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I get that its just one lose, its the way they lost that concerns me.
1. Leonard didn't play the night before. (Knee,Rest)
2. Duncan only played 16min vs Clips.
3. Manu I think only played 18min
4. Tony I think played 26-28min.
5. They left LA to Sac. Not that far away.
6. Where was the tough guy Tiago that's been playin in TD absence.

They controlled tempo, aggression, kept their cool. That's our game! Spurs didn't do any of that, which is what Pop was sayin about OKC "IDENTITY THEFT"! They stole our game!
Btb shouldn't have been that big a deal, in this case. They showed toughness, Spurs didn't it just that simple.

I'm just mad and disgusted and I'm pretty sure they (Spurs) were too.
I'm just sayin D.Lee has always had good games vs Spurs and Boguet(?)Wasn't even playin, he always has big # vs Spurs.

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