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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
I can understand your concerns but its not "exactly how OKC took the series".

The circumstances are very different.

There are no back to backs in the playoffs.
GSW was not playing a back to back and the Spurs were.
The Spurs were not traveling from home but rather LA.
It was the 3rd road game against the 3rd different team in 5 days for the Spurs.

None of this occurs in the playoffs.

I wouldn't worry about it much.

I guess the Spurs fought real hard and took then to OT which was not so bad.

It was some plays that the Warriors ran, Pop thought Spurs still have more GAS but I guess some Spurs players were just dead tired and could not fight back.

Give some credit to the Warriors, they played tough and they were at home. No Way they can beat this Spurs team at our HOME!

Not worried about it that much. It is frustrating still but none of this occurs in the Playoff.

Watch Spurs bounce back big time and KILL the SUNS on Sunday!
Go Spurs Go!
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