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What I find sad is that because much of the American media OUTSIDE of Texas likes to NOT talk about the Spurs or they talk up what their opponents DID NOT do to beat the Spurs or they talk about the Spurs begrudgingly, as if it's painful to talk about their fundamental brilliance... then TP will not get the needed consideration.

IMHO I think that what's working against him and many of our Spurs is the Nationalism that the media has. In essence, since TP is a Frenchman instead of an American from Chicago or Manu is from Argentina instead of East LA, then our players has that much further to go to get consideration.

Assuming that Tony doesn't get the MVP, the ultimate F U would be that, in addition, the powers that be relegate him to SECOND TEAM ALL-NBA behind Chris Paul even if Tony finishes higher in both Regular and Playoff success.
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