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Originally Posted by exit7 View Post
Man spurs fans are fickle lol. We were two wins away from the Finals last year, and the team that beat us traded away their "X-Factor".

The Nazr Mohammed trade was the only mid season trade that I can remember making any difference for the spurs in terms of winning a chip. But you have to remember we traded Malik Rose, who was coming off the bench. If we could have gotten someone like Nazr for Dejuan Blair it would have been great, but there wasn't anyone available for that price.

We have the best record in the league and with the way our schedule plays out over the course of the next two months we should be in prime position to have the one seed. How can you even begin to think we won't make it out of the second round?? You really think the Grizz or the Warriors are going to knock us out? If you do then obviously you haven't been watching the games. I live in Las Vegas and rarely get to watch the games on TV but I've seen enough to believe we are getting to the west finals and then its anyones game to win.
As always it's about the matchup and the seeding. The best case for the Spurs would be for the standings to remain as they are. That way they only have to face LAC or OKC instead of LAC and OKC which would be the case if they fell to the 2 or 3 seed.

And as far as jumping off the bandwagon, not a chance. I've been on this train since '76. Probably forgotten more about the Spurs then many on this board know. I go back to the heartache of Greg Ballard in Game 7, the Fat Lady singing, et al, the HemisFair arena - smoking in the arena, Terry Stembridge, the Baseline Bums throwing nacho cheese on the Larry Bird and the Celtics, etc. All great memories and many more to come.

I would love to be wrong and I hope I am. If so, I'll be on the River celebrating with MY team in MY hometown.
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