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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
When you hear Pop say it over and over, know this is the truth. Pop says it best! we all know that...And got used to that...

Still Bron and Kevin Durant will get most of the league votes, alas! Esp this Giant Phenom named LeBron..

Tony should only care about the finals MVP at this point. No freaking way he gets the nod over those two players in a regular season MVP. So why bother?

That's okay though, one who wins the LAST one gets the last laugh...

Keep it up TP and don't pay attention to all that.
Just stay focused on the Mission of winning the Finals MVP and another Spurs Championship!
My issue with Lebron is that if he wins again.... That'll be 4. Then Jordan should of had at least had 10 MVP trophies, because he was the best player every year.
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