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tryig to see whitout spurs glasses... spurs are pretty good, yes, kawhi splitter, green and the other supporting cast plyers are better, but manu duncand and jackson are a year older... and for whatever reason pop shortend the rotation in the playoffs, and thats when spurs loose their regular eason advntge (deepness, punching opponents in waves)

brewer is defensive minded.. this trade was to counter parker and spurs... if thabo wasnt enough...

for shure okc is better than last year, westb and durant are still going up in teir s peak curve... this year ibaka has improved jumper and going up as well... kevin martin is not that bad at score against spurs... they can play 40mins a night with the same intensity

i dont like, but i believe they can knock off spurs in a 7 gmesvseries (specially with last year officiating)


clippers are ultra deep, and team stars are healthy unlike last year...

and is not like that Miami is that soft (and i can imagine the officiating if spurs make the finals)
The Spurs won because of Tim Duncan, a guy I could never break. I could talk trash to Patrick Ewing, get in David Robinson’s face, get a rise out of Alonzo Mourning, but when I went at Tim he’d look at me like he was bored and then say, “Hey, Shaq, watch this shot right here off the glass.” Shaquille O'Neal on Tim duncan.
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