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Josh Smith Rumors

Ok so I have to admit initially I was pretty excited about Josh Smith rumors swirling around the Spurs. But something came to mind this morning that might have tempered it a little.

Take a trip with me back to the 2009 offseason. Bruce Bowen was with the team then, but he was getting older. So the Spurs traded a guy that was on the verge of retiring for an exciting relatively young guy in Richard Jefferson. He was athletic and everything the spurs didn't have in that type of player. 6' 7" 230 lbs and explosive to the rim. What followed in the next three years was the longest championship drought of Tim Duncan's career. I certainly don't blame it all on RJ but he never lived up to his reputation with us.

Consider this, RJ's numbers the season before he was traded:

19.6 PPG-- 4.2 RPG-- 3.1 APG

His first season with the Spurs:

9.2 PPG-- 3.5 RPG-- 1.3 APG

I think Josh Smith is better than RJ, but the problem I have is that I really thought RJ was going to be good with the spurs too when the trade happened. It really gets interesting when you look at Smith's stats this year so far:

17.4 PPG-- 8.6 RPG-- 4.1 APG

Comparable numbers to what Jefferson was doing with a middle of the road team in Milwaukee.

And now the rumors are that we might be trading a young up and coming Bruce Bowen? I don't think its happening, even if the Hawks will take Splitter instead of Kawhi. I just don't see the spurs making the same mistake twice.

Richard Jefferson 6' 7" 230 LBS
Josh Smith 6' 9" 225LBS

Just my two cents now that I've thought about it.
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