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Originally Posted by exit7 View Post
Mr jones you are a wise person...

Also think about this, you trade splitter for smith then you can put smith on durant, and use kawhi on Westbrook. I get giddy when I think about a lineup with tony, Manu, Timmy, smith and Leonard.
Glad someone else is onboard with the possibility. Just imagine the sick line up when all healthy....TP,Manu,Kawhi, JSmoove and TD. Smith on weakside blocks, Tony and Manu reaking havoc in the lane. Suffocating defense, fast break entertainment like we only see with Miami. The options are endless! But all ifs. Josh had to be the man in Atlanta, do things on his own. Many different coaches and schemes. Never has he played with an elite pg, willing passing guy like Manu and a whole team. Yet look at his numbers! What would they be like with about 6-7 easy buckets a night? His ability to roam and block shots ala Ibaka. Now he doesn't have to force the issue, the Spurs will spoon feed his talents. Pop and Duncan will transform those talents into something even more special! And giddy is a great word.... I can only dream.
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