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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
i've posted vids in the other one, you know where he doesn't jump and just pops it with pure arm. i said the guy would embarrass himself if he used a motion without legs and pure arm where he has to be completely set (go to the other thread please) and he didn't. the release may look higher in the other one but that's because he goes from low to high on the motion to release in front of his face over this new one where he's jumping, holding it high, and releasing.

was i wrong about embarrassing himself? yes. is he shooting the same way he used to last season? no. dude hasn't gotten consistent minutes to be watching his complete motion this season unless it's in a blowout, hell Blair has gotten more minutes this stretch.

i'll admit i'm wrong where i'm wrong. keep being a Matt Bonner mark if you wish, i'm not saying i'm completely wrong when i wasn't. this year's motion wouldn't get him blocked in the playoffs and i'm sure he'll shoot better in the playoffs (if he even plays) than years past. if you'd even coach 5 year olds, you'd know why Bonner couldn't get a shot off in the playoffs and why he'd get a shot off with last night's technique.
He clearly uses his legs all the time. He's not shooting free throws from the 3 point line. And you've been basing your argument on his shooting form from this season, and now suddenly it's been different this whole time? I would think you would have said something about his shooting form changing for the better before the All Star break. He's played in enough games to see. I've only missed maybe a total of 10 games the last 15 years. I know what his shot looks like. And it hasn't changed.

Look, you take full credit when you are right about something, take full accountability when you are wrong. Don't make up things to only be half wrong.
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