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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post

because he shot those one handers last night?

yes i'm admitting he did well, he wasn't a statue last night. i'll give him the props he deserves, but to say the dude went along on his old form is insane. call me a hater if you want, but teaching guys how to shoot makes you realize the little tweaks anyone does. he changed his release and at one point used a traditional two hand release except on the last rack where he knew he was done.
Dude, you're crazy. No difference. Fast forward to 2 minute mark. Compare the two videos. If anything, his release was higher in your video, but I think it's all just camera angles. Again, he would have been crazy to change anything for this competition. I know you don't want to be completely wrong, but you were. I'm about to call you WILLTHETHRILL.

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