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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
I may be wrong, but I just don't see us trading Splitter away for this deal. It seems too risky, and I don't know why Atlanta would want a Center.

What would happen if Smith got a Max offer from some stupid team? We would be without Smith AND Splitter.

It would make much more sense to me if Diaw, Blair, or someone else were in the deal than Splitter.
it'd make sense as a Spurs fan, but from the Hawks' perspective it's a horrid deal. Blair and Diaw (Blair is a FA, Diaw has an option) could leave and put them in the same situation. Horford can play PF/C as can Tiago (i would guess since he's only really been a C here).

being realistic, we could lose Smith if a team offers him a boatload of money but we can lose Tiago if he gets around $9+ million offered to him by another team too. common sense would say that a "system player" isn't worth more than the MLE and that's exactly what Tiago is although he would deserve $6-8 million if he wanted it.

there's no big picture here though. if the Spurs want to do a trade, it's because they want to win a ring right now for Duncan and leaving the future up in the air. if we keep Splitter, it's because the Spurs believe he gives us the best chance to win this year. either way, there's no "bigger picture" look at it from any standpoint.
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