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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
. His shot didn't change. There's nothing to go through again. If he would have changed his technique he WOULD have embarrassed himself. You can't just change a motion you've been doing for most of your life and do as well as he did. Give it up.
because he didn't jump off the floor this time around? you know when he ran out of gas, it wasn't because his arm was too tired, it was because he lost his legs. in the last rack, he went to his old motion of one arming it without lift because he knew he lost, other than that he jumped off the floor higher than usual. please show where he wasn't set up on a consistent basis to throw a shot up and showed lift? hell if you actually saw the 3-Point Contest or see Bonner before this, he didn't release the shot right on his face like he usually does.


thought so
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