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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
it'd be rental for rental in a sense. Splitter is not guaranteed to return, especially if the Spurs have to match a ridiculous offer for him. paying Josh Smith around $13-15 million would be better than paying Splitter $8-11 million a year
Most definitely. What folks don't realize is Josh is borderline a superstar. He just needs the right surroundings, coach and system. We as a nation... Spurs nation usually never get a chance at a guy like Josh, it's always LA,NY,MIA, CHI, BOS...let alone have any rumors pertaining to a star. But other than Tiago is a center, he couldn't hold a candle to Smiths' great potential... Defensively and offensively. I think Josh can set a pick? I know he can jump just a little bit. His mobility is off the charts, and has more than just a little lazy, flat jump hook. So if the spurs system can do the things it does for Tiago, than I would bet Josh would be just a touch better. Like you said, the dollar difference between them I think would be justified. Question... You overpay Tiago or Smith?
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