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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
do we really have to go through this again?

if anything, the guy used more leg in one shot than he has in his whole tenure as a Spur. he released higher too and didn't statue it up out there. he changed his shot and i did admit i was wrong that he didn't embarrass himself on other SpursReport places. i knew he wouldn't embarrass himself if he changed his shot, i just didn't think he was going to. maybe Luke Bonner (who helped him practice the whole time) told him to change just about his whole stance/motion/release.

we need this shot motion in the playoffs for him, no way a PG can block it if he keeps it up now.
. His shot didn't change. There's nothing to go through again. If he would have changed his technique he WOULD have embarrassed himself. You can't just change a motion you've been doing for most of your life and do as well as he did. Give it up.
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