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It's a discussion peeps.

I laid out arguments as to why he would be a bad fit. If you felt he was a good fit, there has to be more to it than Jefferson has better stats. He has better stats because unlike Tiago, he doesn't have 3 Hall of Famers playing with him.

In terms of roles and gameplay strategy, the only one he would suit the Spurs better in is his low post play. But that would mean that the Spurs have stopped doing what are working on and chucked it all because they feel that the low post is the way to go. That doesn't sound like the Spurs team we know. They are who they are and they haven't deviated from that at all, even when they brought in players mid-season.

So...other than the fact that Al Jeff has better numbers because he doesn't have to play with 3 stars like Tiago, what else is there?

That's what I'm trying to pull from you guys. If you have something, let's see it. It's a fun discussion, this board used to have many of them. I'm doing my part to keep one alive. There has to be more that just better stats.
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