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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
You want me to give you reasons for your BS? I shouldnt have to if your a fan and youve seen any games of him with the Spurs then you would know... that your wrong! Here is Pop calling Hill "a tenacious defender" when drafted BEFORE he came out... YouTube Nuff Said!

i needed a laugh.

Roger Mason was a great PG for the Spurs. if you don't believe me, you never watched games before./sarcasm

by the way, riddle me this:

if Hill was SUCH A TENACIOUS DEFENDER, why did we trade him on draft day for a.....tenacious defender?

Originally Posted by TimmyDthaWay2B View Post
so, you pull a video of pop saying hill was a tenacious defender before he even play a second of nba basketball? Who wouldn't be a tenacious defender at IUPUI... You really showed Jose. In the words of keyshawn.. Come on maaan...
defensive stopper at Ewey-Pooey! i think Kwame Brown was considered a good defender before the NBA too right?
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