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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
Other then Manu Hill was the best defender at guard when with the Spurs. Do you see the Spurs? cuz if you do then you would know that you dont play if you dont play D and during that "span" they were 1 of the best D teams in the NBA so it was an "accomplishment" IMO!

Of course I watch the spurs.... But they were really bad on d for a stretch of years there....may have been before hill IDK.... Pretty much blocked it out... But i HAVE watched hill many and think you are overstating his importance on the defensive side ... He wasn't bad... But he wasn't a game changer or even close ... Btw.... Players that didn't play defense actually did get floor time.... Can you say MATT BONNER. OR EVEN ROGER MASON. Nice use of quotations really helped you get your point across LOL...
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