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Originally Posted by TodTango View Post
Too loaded a question. There is none. And it's ROLE player as in there are both starring and supporting roles.
When have the Spurs ever attracted a big name FA close to his prime, who actually wanted to be part of the Spurs? They haven't. They've wined and dined a few in the past, only to come up empty. That's why it's important to build from within. Most of the people want money and "haven't yet gotten overthemselves." I think that Splitter will be like the Big 3 before him and take a contract, larger than he has ever seen, but much lower than we all expect. The San Antonio discount is real and because of it, the organization's model is one that lots of teams hope to emulate.
If I were Splitter, I would go after as much money as I could. Some guys like Parker and Duncan can afford to give the hometown discount because they have already made so much money. He will be 29 next season, so this is likely to be his only big payday.

As a point of reference, Parker, so far has made $102M total and is guaranteed another 25 plus is likely to get another 8 figure contract after this one expires. Duncan, so far has made $200M and is gauranteed another 30. Splitter so far has made $11M.
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