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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
he stunk in the regular season last year and was shooting 60% from the 3 for us in the playoffs. Jackson's a Robert Horry type who turns it up in the postseason. Jax is probably more clutch than 2 of the Big 3 (take ur pick on that). if he can turn it up in the playoffs, he'd be a steal for his last year and giving us cap space. if he sucks, we can just let him go. we have enough depth to cover for him if he stinks anyway.
Ya but he stunk it up with the Bucks and some with the Spurs last season before the POs and he has had all season to get out of it for the Spurs this yr. Ya if he stinks come POs Spurs should look at other FAs. He could be a Horry but no he aint no big 3 even in the clutch.
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